Usually the food at events like this is nothing to write home about, but not this time…


Foodhini_horizontal_logo_2000x1500_ba141efd-4b73-40d7-afb2-2521d0f6171b_250xLunch was catered by Foodhini, a DC start-up offering dishes by immigrant and refugee chefs. Foodhini was founded on the idea that food can be used to create new opportunities for these communities, & also satisfy the appetites of hungry foodies in search of authentic multicultural meals.

Wine & Rum Tasting

The closing reception featured donated biodynamic and organic wines from California and Jamaican rum. Sponsors included:

Bonterra Organic Vineyards

BT.OV Logo Grey.CMYK_032814.jpgBonterra Organic Vineyards celebrated 30 years of organic farming in 2017. This special year began with Bonterra receiving the prestigious “American Winery of the Year” award from Wine Enthusiast magazine. As pioneers in organic viticulture, Bonterra strives to farm in the best way possible for the land, which has resulted in award-winning wines harvest after harvest.

B_logo_withtextBlackwell Rum features the Blackwell family recipe – an original fusion of traditional ‘heavy pot’ dark rum with a distinct “Black Gold” style – that creates the perfect, elegant blend of depth, character and smoothness perfect for use in mixed drinks and on its own. This rum is Chris Blackwell’s personal way of introducing you to the authentic, spontaneous life force of a Jamaica he loves and knows inside out. Drink in the history, the romance, and spectacular energy of the island.

“Zero Waste” Event

When we waste food, we waste the energy, water, and wildlife habitat sacrificed to produce it. During this event, we worked to prevent food waste by limiting overproduction; we found community partners that supported food recovery; and we diverted inedible food waste away from landfill (i.e. composting). We also used biodegradable paper products and utensils, all in an effort to make this event as close to ‘zero waste’ as possible. To support this initiative, we proudly partnered with the World Wildlife Fund’s Foodwaste US program.